What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence

Hello Everyone!  Today I will try to share some depth knowledge about a very popular technology is called Artificial intelligence and Advantages of artificial intelligence.

Quries Solved:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Difference Between machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence
  • Examples  of AI
  • Future of AI
  • Good And Bad Effects Of AI Technology
  • Where To Learn AI
  • Conclusion
What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence
What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence?

Before start anything, You must know about Artificial Intelligence.

In simple Words: AI is the process of make machines as possible as intelligent for take decision in a particular time. Which Machines made with the help of Artificial Intelligence, they have intelligence to talk with like a human being.

As you know Robots can’t work with commands. Which Commands we put, the robot do only these work.

Now most of the big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more companies are doing work on Artificial Intelligence.

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Difference Between Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning: I ever seen most of the people’s are confused, What is machine learning so keep reading I will tell in a very easy style.

Machine learning is the method, which used for making a machine perfect for do work in a specific niche.

For example:- Let Suppose, you have made a robot, which have a quality to make food. You have put all the recipes and techniques in a robot, which used for making food. Then This robot can cook only food because it has expertise in cooking food.

If you want this Robot also drive my car, then it can’t do because it has only expertise in Cooking.


Advantages of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:- It’s is totally different from machine learning. If you have made a robot with AI. Then it has the ability to do everything, Which a human being can do. An AI Robot can think, take a decision, it is creative like a human being. You don’t need to guide An AI Robot in each step.

For Example:- Here I’m taking the same example, Which I used for machine learning. But here is difference above I said machine learning have expertise in only a specific niche. But if you want An AI Robot to do the cooking, Driving and Cleaning Work. So it has the expertise to do everything with his decision power.

AI Robots have the ability to make decisions between right or wrong, but machines don’t have this ability.

Examples Of  Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence
What is Artificial intelligence? Advantages of artificial intelligence

Slowly- Slowly people know about Artificial Intelligence and  Most of the people’s are thinking about how AI work. Because of this reason, I am listed above a very amazing example of Artificial Intelligence. Maybe you know about Sofia Artificial Robot. This is a female robot. Which have ability to take a decision in a particular time and place.

See below a Video of  Sofia Artificial Intelligence Robot.

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Future of Artificial Intelligence

In simple words Artificial Intelligence Future is so Bright for sure you can make your career in it.

As I said above,” Big Tech Companies like Google and Facebook are working on Artificial Intelligence. So you can think how the future of A.I

A.I Technology is now on initiation level. But it’s demand is going high. Actually, I am going speechless when some ask me this question. Because there is lots of example of AI, which proves the future of artificial intelligence is so bright.

Good and Bad Effects Of AI Technology

Every technology have it’s good and effects. But if the ratio of good effects of any technology then we accept it.

So Here is many Good and bad effect of aI technology. But as compared to bad effects, we have more good effects of AI Technology.

I will ask you only a single questions,”What is most dangerous but amazing thing in all over the world”?

May be you think about many things, but the simple answer is “Human Brain”. 

Human brain is the world most dangerous and amazing thing in all over the world. If human want then He can make and destroy any thing.

And If we use AI Robots. Then have virtual Brain. They have ability to think and take decision about it as like a human being.

As We know Every Coin have two side. Same is here in One side AI Technology is Good for us, but another side AI Technology is very dangerous for humans.

I’m So Confused about it all. Please Tell me in the Comment box your suggestions about AI Technology Good and Bad Effects.

Where To Learn AI?

If someone is interested in learning of AI. Then He have question, Where he can learn AI Technology. In All over the world many universities are providing education regarding AI Technology.

But I have also a free method for Learn AI Technology. This Service is provided by Google.

If you want learn AI From Google, then you can visit: https://ai.google/education/

Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence is a very amazing technology. Here is no dobut, Technology make humans life easy. But I personally think may be AI will become dangerous for us. Because Humans power is his brain and AI Technology don’t work according our brain. It’s have ability to take decision from his own Brain, not from us. That’s why I’m thinking AI will be harmful for us.

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Advantages of artificial intelligence


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