Tanushree and Nana Patekar War

Tanushree and Nana Patekar War

Tanushree and Nana Patekar War- Does the “Aashiq Banaya Apne” girl need any introduction? No, right? Yes, you guessed it right. Tanushree and Nana Patekar War I am talking about the bold and beautiful actresses Tanushree Dutta who played the role of many characters in different movies but quit the Bollywood because of some reasons.

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But now she is back in India and according to her she will stay in India for few months, everything was going smoothly until she opened her mouth and blamed the legendary actor “Nana Patekar” and the king of dance “Ganesh Acharya”.

Tanushree and Nana Patekar War

Tanushree and Nana Patekar War

We all respect Nana Patekar a lot and we have seen his acting talent in movies, plus we all are aware of the way he lives his life that is in a complete simple manner. Now, there is a boom in media and Bollywood industry because Tanushree Dutta has accused Nana Patekar was harassing her sexually while she was shooting for a song in her new movie “Horn OK Please”.

Recently a video of 2008 has gone viral in which everyone can see that people are jumping on the car and it, and inside Tanushree Dutta is sitting completely scared. We are no one to judge that whether she is saying the truth or not because we were not present there at that moment, but all we can do is wait for the truth to come out if this all is correct.

Apart from all this news, people are also raising questions like, “why she is speaking after 10 years”, “why she is back” and more but if you will do a proper research, you will find videos on YouTube and other websites in which she is speaking with the media about the molestation.

Women safety in India has always been questioned, every single day we get to hear news about rape cases, molestations, eve teasing and we really don’t know that when all this will stop. Talking about the Bollywood, some Bollywood actors and actress are showing sympathy to Dutta but some have kept mourn till now.

In a chit-chat with media, Tanushree added “There was a lie that was spun by the four culprits; Nana Patekar, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, director Rakesh Sarang and producer Sami Siddique as well as their supporters on set and outside the set; The MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) party who were called to mob attack me.”

Tanushree also revealed that “Also MNS is not just a party but an ideology like Al-Qaeda or ISIS…they are a violent disruptive communal, intolerant ideology and anyone from any profession can pledge allegiance to it. So please check facts before jumping to conclusions.”

Where some of the celebrities came forward in support, the controversy queen “Rakhi Sawant” is not at all happy with the allegations and seems very angry with Tanushree Dutta. She said Tanushree used to take drugs and she was not getting a job in the US that’s why she came back and now doing all these publicity stunts to get work.

But the Bollywood industry is a world of lies and fake people so we can’t even predict that who is saying the truth and who is telling the lie. Looking at the video that has gone viral there are chances that Tanushree Dutta is saying the truth. Tanushree and Nana Patekar War

The game of truth and dare will continue till the media or the girl itself does not show any powerful proof to the country. Making rules for women safety in India is highly necessary now because no women can feel safe while walking on the road. The government should and must focus on these things and should take some action against all this.

Tanushree and Nana Patekar War


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